25 March 2012

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This blog was inspired by the 360 documentary on 18 March 2012
Indignation sans frontieres

Maybe now (end March 2012) is a good time to start collecting information about candidates for the Federal seat of North Sydney NSW.

We need contributors
Contributors will have direct access to the blog. So before you get upset about the content of this site think about joining.


    Here are some draft rules for who can contribute.
  • Contributors cannot hold recent or current membership of any political party
  • They must declare to the other contributors when they were last a member of a political party
  • They must declare to the other contributors any commercial or social contacts they have with the candidates
  • They must declare all political activity: demonstrations, campaigning for independents and/or support of organisations such as GetUp
  • All contributors will decide whether it is appropriate to exclude the person or to declare the interest.
We also need ways of publicising this blog. Any ideas?

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