09 September 2012

2012 Council Results

Results from:

With 66% of the vote counted, 9am Sunday 9th.
Enrolment - 42,412 - 26,167 formal votes counted:

Independent 10,709 votes 40.9%

Independent 8519 votes 32.6%

Independent 6939 votes 26.5&

Had it been 33.3% each that would mean that there is no perceived differences between the candidates.

30 August 2012

Mayoral Candidates for 8 September 2012

The Candidates

They are all good candidates, some are better than others.
Who do you support?

06 August 2012

Council Candidates Forum

Your chance to hear from the candidates for Council elections on 8 September, including three Mayoral candidates.
Your chance to meet them, talk to them, hear what they have to say and put forward your ideas as to how you would like your North Sydney to be improved over the next four years.

Wednesday 29 August, 6-7:30pm
The Crows Nest Centre (Pat Brunton Hall)
2 Ernest Place (between Willoughty Rd & Alexander St) Crows Nest


10 June 2012

North Sydney Council Elections

North Sydney councillors "don’t want to reveal their intentions at this stage".
That is all there is to the story, everyone saying "after you".


29 April 2012

Deepening democracy in the internet age - Ockham's Razor

Sun, 29 Apr 2012
Beyond vox pop democracy: Deepening democracy in the internet age
Nicholas Gruen is CEO of Lateral Economics and Chairman of the Australian Centre for Social Innovation
He discusses how the internet can play a role in involving people in government.

The task of politics is to build some unified will about what ought to be, from the vast diversity of interests and perspectives within the community.

Here there are no miracles in sight. Indeed it is hard to imagine them emerging this side of the grave.
Juvenal’s question: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who will guard the guardians) remains as ever a reminder of our fallen state and a spur to continue our efforts to build a better world.

The program's page:

The MP3 file:

26 April 2012

GetUp's CommunityRun

Other electorates can use the same idea as we use on this site, so:

We have used GetUp's CommunityRun to get the idea out to their members.

No More Safe Seats
Before you vote in a safe seat think about which of the candidates is the best representative for the electorate. Find out about all the candidates and don't get lazy and vote along party lines.

Before it comes to an election do you know someone who should be nominated as a candidate? How can you support them?

Take the election back from the party machines or get in the machine and influence it!

20 April 2012

Review of welfare payments‎?

Joe Hockey discussion on Twitter was very busy 19 April 2012. Hockey was a trending topic for Sydney on Twitter that evening.

News for 19 April 2012

Hockey attack on benefits blasted‎
Sydney Morning Herald
THE government has seized on shadow treasurer Joe Hockey's provocative attack on 'entitlements' to claim a Coalition government would make widespread ...
Joe Hockey on the right track, if slightly idealistic‎ The Australian
Hockey's flagged cuts to income support short lived‎ ABC Online
(from 332 news articles)
Sydney Morning Herald

Run, Joe, run‎
Sydney Morning Herald
Is Joe Hockey starting his run for the Liberal Party leadership and, therefore, the Lodge? Or maybe the run just became more obvious as he goes where Tony ...
Sydney Morning Herald

Hockey calls for wholesale review of welfare payments‎
ABC Online
Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has committed a future Coalition government to a review of the whole range of Australian welfare payments.

Government attacks Hockey welfare comments‎
ABC Online
The Federal Government has attacked shadow treasurer Joe Hockey's calls to wind back welfare, accusing him of unfairly targeting poorer Australians.

Coalition tries to hose down talk of welfare cuts‎
ABC Online
... it is planning to make sweeping cuts to welfare payments, after shadow treasurer Joe Hockey declared the "age of entitlement" was coming to an end.

'Look at Asia': Hockey flags welfare cuts‎
Mr Hockey told policymakers in Europe the "age of entitlement" in Western countries was over. (File AAP)
Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey has told..

29 March 2012

North Sydney elects calendar

We need a volunteer to compile and maintain a calendar of events in the North Sydney area.
This area is roughly described but not necessarily limited to the federal electorate of North Sydney. Some people call the area the lower north shore.

To volunteer add a comment.

25 March 2012

Start here

This blog was inspired by the 360 documentary on 18 March 2012
Indignation sans frontieres

Maybe now (end March 2012) is a good time to start collecting information about candidates for the Federal seat of North Sydney NSW.

We need contributors
Contributors will have direct access to the blog. So before you get upset about the content of this site think about joining.


    Here are some draft rules for who can contribute.
  • Contributors cannot hold recent or current membership of any political party
  • They must declare to the other contributors when they were last a member of a political party
  • They must declare to the other contributors any commercial or social contacts they have with the candidates
  • They must declare all political activity: demonstrations, campaigning for independents and/or support of organisations such as GetUp
  • All contributors will decide whether it is appropriate to exclude the person or to declare the interest.
We also need ways of publicising this blog. Any ideas?