23 March 2017

April 8th 2017 NSW By-Election

The by-election for the NSW Electorate of North Shore is on 8 April 2017

The timetable from Elections NSW:

The Candidates in Ballot card order

There are two Meet the Candidates Forums
Tuesday 28.3.17 at Mosman RSL

Wednesday 29.3.17 at Norths Club, Cammeray.
Put the date in your diary and tell others too!
Grab a neighbour or two.
It's important that residents / voters have an opportunity to hear the candidates speak and can ask them questions from the floor.

27 January 2017

Local member retires from NSW seat

Jillian Skinner was last re-elected in the election we described in this article: northsydneyelects.blogspot.com.au/2015/03/nsw-election-prizes

From the Guardian News & Media Ltd article by Bridie Jabour @bkjabour on Friday 27 January 2017.

She became shadow health minister in 1995 and she has spent almost all of her time in the portfolio. She was minister for health for almost six years after spending 14 years in total in the shadow role.

This means that:
  1. The Liberal Party will have lots of choice for their candidate for the safe seat,
  2. The minor parties will fancy their chances,
  3. Candidates for Joe Hockey's Federal seat will reappear, and
  4. We won't have the "snooze fest" we had in the 2015 State Election.

Stay tuned and see who pops up this election.
Use the hashtag #nthsydelects on Twitter.


Hear the ABC program, Saturday Breakfast's take on the bi-election:


09 June 2016

Notional margins June 2016

Electorate North Sydney

ALP 34.29%

LP/NP 65.71%

Notional party LP

Status Safe

Swing required 15.71%



Historically, almost all of the contests for election to the House of Representatives result in the ‘final two’ candidates being ALP and Coalition candidates.

At the 2013 federal election this was the case in 139 out of 150 seats. The remaining eleven seats are categorised by the AEC as ‘non-classic’.
When we know the candidates we will know the chances of a non-classic result.

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Double dissolution 2016